From the Newly Arriving President


  • Stefano Malaspina Librarian, The Library of the Metropolitan Chapter of Milan, Milan, Italy


The last few years have been particularly intense for BETH, we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary in 2023; the publication of the
Festschrift: Theological Libraries and Library Associations in Europe (2022), the result of many people's hard work, has begun to tell our story: the more we know and share it, the more we can move forward and make the best and wisest choices for the future.

I am encouraged that I have already witnessed new vitality amongst the members of BETH over the last couple of years: the interest in the Association is increasing, and together we are treading a path that is new, in many aspects. Some important people have moved on, leaving valuable legacies and a last impact on BETH, but the desire to do one's best in the service of a common idea is still present and clear for all. I express my sincere thanks to them, and ask you to please excuse me for not naming each individual who has contributed to our accomplishments.




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