Identity and Mission of Church Libraries in Europe


  • Jaime Lopez de Eguílaz Munsuri Librarian, Bilbao Diocesan Library. Bizkaia, Spain


ecclesiastical libraries, Europe, theological librarianship, mission, theological libraries, christianity


The European society in which the libraries of the Church in Europe operate is a complex society: under stress from different points of view, inequitable, and facing major technological, economic, and political changes. It would not be fair to state categorically that in this first half of the 21st century, we have been left with a more difficult society than others in the past. It is enough to look at the history of the 20th century to glimpse particularly dark times for the development of an egalitarian, pacified Europe. The different Christian Churches have had and still have the mission to bring the Gospel to those societies to which they belong with the aim of building communities where the Kingdom of God becomes more visible. This will only be possible if all the members of these Christian communities are capable of taking up the challenges that correspond to us on this path, each one from our own sphere of action. It is good to remember that this task does not belong only to the consecrated, or to specific pastoral groups. It involves every baptised person and everyone who has a responsibility in the work of, for example, an institution of the Church, such as its libraries.




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