From the Departing Secretary


  • Matina Curic Librarian, Pontificial Mission Society , Aachen, Germany


BETH, Board members, Secretary


After five years, seven conferences, and taking 54 meeting minutes, the time has come for me to pass on the noble feather of
secretarius of BETH. It has been an unforgettable journey to serve all of you and the BETH Board. When, in 2017, I was invited by the Board to take the role of the next Secretary, I had no previous experience of serving on any Board or association. Although I had known BETH for a few years before my appointment, much of the work of BETH was new to me and I went in intending to give all I could, all the time thinking about not disappointing the three fathers who started this good work in the 1950s and further advancing the ‘apostolic’ mission of BETH they left us with.




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