Editors' Preface


  • Hannie Riley College Librarian, Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford, Oxford, England, UK
  • Jussi Hyvärinen Information specialist, University of Eastern Finland Library, Finland


BETH , Annual meetings, Cordoba, theological librarianship, theological libraries


With great pleasure and excitement, we extend a warm welcome to you all as we unveil the second edition of the BETH Bulletin. This publication stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering communication and knowledge-sharing within our community. As we navigate through this rapidly changing world, the exchange of ideas, experiences, and expertise becomes increasingly vital. Thus, the BETH Bulletin serves as a platform for us to celebrate our achievements, share insights, and explore the latest developments in our libraries and collections. With each issue, we aim to provide valuable resources and information that capture conference talks and various articles that introduce our practices, services, and provisions, which we hope will both empower us and contribute to the growth and advancement of our libraries.

In this edition, you will find a range of messages and reflections from our board members, diverse articles and updates covering many aspects of our ways to overcome evolving landscapes and challenges we face, and wonderful artistic creations by librarians and users alike to showcase our talents. Packed with innovative collaborative efforts and initiatives, each piece reveals the dedication and passion of individual members who are driving positive change in our industry.




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