Let's Work Together

Towards an Active and Innovating Role of the Theological Libraries


  • Matti Myllykoski Chief information specialist, Helsinki University Library, Finland


theological librarianship, co-operation, university libraries


Our task as theological librarians is to bring people and information together, both locally and globally. We should look for ways to work together with scholars, teachers, and other librarians. HULib Critical Editions is an edition workspace built onLibGuides. It enables librarians everywhere to work both together and with scholars everywhere over the LibGuides system in one particular library (say, HULib) to produce a critical edition of any text. It can be a text of any size or genre. In addition to the synoptic links to digitized manuscripts and earlier editions, it may include a critical apparatus, translation, and commentary- and more. My pilot project on the letter of Polycarp is just one example.




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Myllykoski, M. (2024). Let’s Work Together: Towards an Active and Innovating Role of the Theological Libraries. BETH Bulletin: European Theological Librarianship, 2(1), 58–60. Retrieved from https://bethbulletin.eu/ojs/index.php/bethyb/article/view/1185