From Collections to Connections

Theological Materials in Finnish University Libraries


  • Jussi Hyvärinen Information specialist, University of Eastern Finland Library
  • Matti Myllykoski Chief information specialist, Helsinki University Library, Finland


theological libraries, Finland, Collection policy, Helsinki, Joensuu


At some universities, the theology libraries have undergone dramatic changes in past decades. They are no more independent units holding collections that consist of printed books. Instead, these libraries have ceased to exist, and they have become an integral part of modern university libraries whose collections have become more and more digital, informing their clients about globally accessible open access publications and cultural heritage digitized all over the world. While clear-cut collections have ceased to exist, these libraries have become new spaces of learning, in which scholars, teachers, and students are connected by all kinds of means to all kinds of information. The university libraries in Helsinki and Joensuu are good examples of this development.




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