Editors' Preface


  • Hannie Riley University of Oxford, Wycliffe Hall
  • Jussi Hyvärinen Information specialist, University of Eastern Finland Library


BETH , Annual meetings, Rolduc


In September 2022, BETH celebrated its 50th anniversary in Rolduc, the Netherlands. Having been the cooperative organisation of European theological libraries for five decades was something to celebrate. The jubilee seminar was held in the historic monastic milieu of Rolduc Abbey, where attendees heard many interesting presentations about the future of theological libraries and theological librarianship. At the General Meeting, members accepted a proposal to publish a new BETH Yearbook which would include, among other topics, articles based on the presentations delivered at the conference. We two Board members – Jussi Hyvärinen and Hannie Riley – were elected editors. Since the word ‘yearbook’ sounds perhaps unnecessarily staid and official, the board later decided to call this publication the ‘BETH Bulletin’.




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