Put a Ring on It

Engaging Your Users


  • Hannie Riley University of Oxford, Wycliffe Hall


Library users, User engagement, Wycliffe Hall Library, Oxford, UK, Theological libraries


There are many ways to increase the stream of users coming through the library doors: high-tech equipment, top-notch buildings, airy spaces with lots of natural light, comfortable study spaces, high quality yet easily accessible digital resources, all kinds of useful books, historically valuable materials, widening access policies, long opening hours including weekends, active online presence, numerous helpful and capable staff, interesting programmes, useful training, wonderful events and exhibitions, café(s) serving delicious food and drink, and so on. The list is endless. This sort of high-quality library service provision can definitely increase user satisfaction and numbers. However, in this article my focus is on library users themselves. Rather than looking at what we can provide and do for them, I would like to concentrate on users and how to build relationships with them.




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