ABTAPL Spring Conference 2024


  • Hannie Riley University of Oxford, Wycliffe Hall


ABTAPL, theological libraries, UK


Location: New College, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Dates: 21st March - 23rd March 2024

Author Biography

Hannie Riley, University of Oxford, Wycliffe Hall

Hannie Riley has over twenty years of library experience and has been working for the University of Oxford since 2006, starting in the Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library, then the Bodleian Oriental Section, the China Centre Library, Saïd Business School’s Sainsbury Library, and finally at Wycliffe Hall. She is currently the chair of ABTAPL, a board member of BETH, and the theology rep for the Committee of College Librarians at the University of Oxford. She holds an MSc in Library Science from City, University of London (2016), an MA in Education (1995) and a BA in Psychology from Kyungnam University (1993), South Korea.




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